Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Awesomeness Of Simon Fraser

As of today, our living-room wall looks like this.

The wall paper was chosen by the landlord. Let's not dwell on that. Let's dwell instead on that Simon Fraser commision hanging in the middle.

Oh yes, you read that right.

This was a gift for my Wonderful Lady Friend, who loves both Mr Fraser's art, and the adventures of Nikolai Dante. To say she was happy to receive this today would be to put it lightly.

Here is the request I sent Simon:

Seeing as this is a present for my girlfriend, I think I will try and guess what she would like. I'm thinking Lulu looking sexy and dangerous, Dante looking sexy and roguish, and Dante's mum looking sexy and hard as nails (some tautology going on there, me thinks).  

I sent this at some crazy time of night, just before going to bed. Just a few hours later, I awoke to find this in my inbox.

I quickly sent Simon a reply, pointing out that my WLF would "love the way you have placed Dante's arse in good focus". Then it was time for the Christmas-eve-esque wait while the art was inked, sent from America to England, dispatched to a frame shop, then finally made it home.

It was worth it though. One of the first things my WLF said was "I love that this picture has both Dante's face and Dante's arse; his two best features!" I know my Lady Friend!

Many thanks to Simon Fraser for this wonderful work. I feel I must offer particular thanks for putting up with my less than literate emails; the excitement was too much for me to put coherent sentences together. I was going to use this post to extol the virtues of the composition and such like, but such words would be pointless when you can just marvel at the finished art above. 

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