Thursday, 26 May 2011

Dr WTF?!

Dr WTF?! cover art by Carl Pearce

Remember that comic I was going on about a while back? The Doctor Who anthology featuring some of my artwork among other great stuff? Well, you may not be aware that Dr WTF?! has been loose in the wild for a few weeks now. Actual paper copies have been on sale at conventions, and now it is time for PDF versions to begin worming their course through unknowable web-ways.

Editor Owen Watts has this to say on the matter:

"Oh Dr WTF looks so tempting with it's big shiny cover and it's cavalcade of forum talent and interesting contents - but I LITERALLY CAN'T WAIT"

Well I have good news! There's a sexified £2 PDF doing the rounds - also I'm doing AMAZINGLY AMATUERISH sketches for any buyers. For a limited period!

The best way to get at this would probably be to drop by the Dr WTF?! facebook page and drop a scrawl on Owen's wall. Or, like, whatever the slang is.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Vanguard Continued!

I have just finished the final page of my Vanguard strip, Halo and the Gryphon. Just a little tinkering with my scanner is required and it will be off, whizzing through the internet and into Van Dom's computer.

Talking of Vanguard, the newest issue of Temple APA is out, and it features a page drawn by me! It stars Redbat, who as far as I understand is to be the editorial face of Vanguard. The short strip serves as an introduction to the sample pages you will have seen by following the links from my previous post, as well as giving a bit more information about the various creators involved. Why not go and check it out here

Friday, 13 May 2011

Vanguard Unfettered!

For a while now I have been referring to a secret project I have helping Dirk Van Dom with. Well, the silence has now been well and truly broken. Van Dom has created a new blog for his creation, and the great push for publicity has begun!

Vanguard is an anthology comic which will contain stories of various flavours by Van Dom and various artists. That blog link will take you to all the elaboration you need; make sure you scroll down to check out the sample pages!

I've managed to miss this weeks TAB deadline because I've been concentrating on finishing off my strip, Halo and the Gryphon. It was a worthy sacrifice, and I hope to get back on the TAB wagon next week.

As I don't like to finish a post without having a picture in it somewhere, here are some design sketches for some characters who will hopefully turn up in later issues of Vanguard. 

Friday, 6 May 2011

Oh look, Glumpies!

Some work in progress design ideas for a forthcoming project.