Friday, 29 October 2010

Blog Beast Demands Feeding!

And so feed it I must!

I'm currently finishing off work on that strip I'm always talking about. Should be all done bar the scanning by the end of tomorrow.

So, as Halloween is upon us, I thought I might as well chuck up some of the photos of a pumpkin I carved a few years back. It won the monthly 2000ad art competition of their forums, on which the standard is constantly high, so you should check them out. My victory was no doubt scored through the gimmick of using a pumpkin for a canvas. Although I normally hate gimmicks, such is the way that battles are won.


Monday, 18 October 2010


Work continues on the comic I am currently working on, and once that is complete, I'm going to start work on another comic that will hopefully see the light of distribution-day!

As such, I won't be able to put any complete pages here for a while. Rather than let this place grow fallow, I will instead post something I knocked up the other day.

Obligatory cut off Livejournal title: As Galvatron once said, "This is bad co

Hover-over Text: Me Grimlock not time paradox! Me Grimlock KING!

Anyone a little confused by certain artistic choices displayed here should check out Dinosaur Comics by Ryan North. Kate Beaton once did a Dinosaur Comics Homage, and she was herself homaged (sure, that can be a word) when Livejournal user Astersyn turned this comic into this. I feel that by combining Transformers and Dinosaur Comics, I have somehow completed a circle of life.