Thursday, 21 June 2012

Bigfoots And Dinosaurs

I've spent the past two days working on illustrations for a personal project of mine. Remember the sort of art that used to grace the pages of Fighting Fantasy books? Beautiful, characterful art, each piece telling its own story while all together forging a unique and distinctive atmosphere? Well, that's what I was going for here. This is for a role-play game called Age of Iron, or, Bigfoots and Dinosaurs. It's all for private use, so I haven't been too worried about being a little derivative. Still, I liked the fast and scratchy feel to them, so I thought I would chuck them up here.      

Friday, 15 June 2012

What Time Is It?

It's review time!

Oh, go on then, bonus points if you answered either hammer time or adventure time.

Comics Bulletin has posted a review of Vanguard #2. Being a selfish little so and so, I'm going to direct your attention to this bit:

"Halo and the Gryphon" is somewhat less demented, but nonetheless has a hint of the weird about it, due in the most part to Louis Carter's art. It's a blend of bold, thick linework and fine detail, and it should make for an ugly clash, but it somehow works, even if it looks less like what one might expect from a post-2000 AD anthology comic and more like one of those Soviet Bloc cartoons that were used to fill an empty five minutes on BBC2 back in the day. The writing lacks the eccentric feel of the art, but the narrative provides some structure that one might well argue is necessary to prevent things getting too arty and indulgent. "Halo and the Gryphon" was my favourite strip from the first issue, and my favourite it remains; it's unique and odd and so very compelling.

Don't forget, you can read this story here, while I'm working on part three.

Friday, 8 June 2012


This weekend, I'm going to be dipping into the latest issue of Paragon. I've just finished the first story, Spencer Nero and the White Spider, by Greg Meldrum, James Corcoran, and John Caliber. Spencer Nero only started one issue previously, but it has fast become my favourite part of the comic. A tightly written story that plays on supernatural themes in a refreshingly original way.

Matt Soffe's cover art.

It would be dishonest of me not to admit that I have a somewhat selfish reason for drawing your attention to Paragon. You see, I also have a story in it; Rise of the Mekkosapiens part 4, written by my regular collaborator Matt Mclaughlin.

So maybe you would like to check out Paragon? You can find out how to get hold of it over at the Paragon Blog. It is available in both super-cheap-digital-format, or much-more-meaty-planet-destroying-paper-format.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Back On The Net!

Yay! My computer has been repaired, and with barely a glitch in my weekly posting schedule! To celebrate this return from the dead, here is my latest post on the Themed Art Block, an archive piece from about nine years ago now!