Thursday, 30 September 2010

Project Supersquirrel

Two updates in two days! How rare!

The reason I return so soon is because today saw The Legendary Shark (aka Mark Howard) post a public link to Supersquirrel Undefeated aka The Secret Project.

That last link will take you to where all the action has been happening, but to summarise, after hearing that Carlos Ezquerra (why yes, I am going for the 2010 Most Redundant Link Of The Year Award, thank you for noticing) had undergone an epic lung operation, the Shark thought up the idea of creating the Get Well Card to end all Get Well Cards. It was a Secret Project that truly earned its capital letters, bringing together fans from across the globe to show their appreciation for the great man's work.

Basically, if, after seeing this, you ever receive a get well card yourself, it will not fill you with the warm feeling of being loved, but it will instead act as a reminder that you will never amount to even a fraction of Carlos's lifetime achievements or manliness. Because you are not Carlos Ezquerra. Unless Carlos Ezquerra is reading this. In which case you are Carlos Ezquerra, and can just ignore this paragraph.

Anyway, enough wittering, just go here and look at the thing yourself.

Host 1:

Host 2:

(Both links lead to the same file, in case you have difficulty with one or the other.)

The final word should go to The Legendary Shark himself, for achieving such an amazing feat. Many have called for him to be awarded the Krill Tro Thargo, and if Tharg was a democracy rather than a brutal, condescending, alien tyrant, then I would add my vote to the heap.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Win Some, Lose Some

And so September draws to an end, and I have only managed to complete four out of five pages for this month.

Yet I am not disheartened, for there is good reason for my slowness! I have been taking my time with my newest project, as there would seem to be a good chance of getting it published. I am currently three pages through a script by Matthew Mclaughlin, and a damned fine script it is too! As we intend to see it in print, I can't show you the work so far, but here are some sketches that may whet the apatite.

"But wait!" I hear you cry, in a largely figurative sense. "If you are only three pages into that story, then where does your fourth page come in?"

Well, that would be a page that I drew for my wonderful ladyfriend, and it is one that I can reveal to the world. I have brutally disfigured the piece by attempting a fat fisted attempt at lettering. If any letterers read this, I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry.

This jolly sequence is entitled Megatron Builds A Fort

In other news, the 2000ad forum has led to a vast expansion in the numbers of those following this blog! Hi all, some of you I have followed back, others I haven't yet due to not quite being able to work the computer properly. Some people have links in their little pictures, others do not, and it is taking me a while to get my head round the crazy variation. Please forgive my faltering steps at using this new Blogger contraption, I am awfully slow with such things.