Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I See Robots. I See Big Robots. I See Big, Gun Toting, Robot Killing Robots!

Well hey, look at that, I have a tag at Down The Tubes, a blog that brings you all the new news of the British comics scene. This probably shouldn't make me smile as much as it does, but it does! I feel like a real small presser now!

Work continues on my contribution for Paragon. Over half way through it now, and I've been having fun designing stuff that hasn't featured in earlier episodes.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Back To The Wreckage

Owen Watts has begun collecting scripts for Dr WTF?! 2012. You can keep an eye on forthcoming developments over at the Dr WTF?! facebook page. While you're there, why not drop Owen a line and get yourself a digital copy of the 2011 issue?

My contribution to Dr WTF?! 2011 was some art work for the story Back to the Wreckage, written by Oscar Maltby and lettered by David Withers. You can see this entire story right here, by simply scrolling down the page and enbigginating this artwork!


Thursday, 7 July 2011

Vanguard Is Out!

Cover by Liam Byrne

Last night, I watched The Golden Voyage of Sinbad. This film includes a brilliantly realised Griffin, and upon seeing it I was compelled to speak out to my fellow viewers on my admiration for Ray Harryhausen. For the Griffin is a treacherous beast. It looks so majestic, so regal, so in control of all it surveys. The king of the animals and the lord of the birds, fused together into one single being.

Yet look closer, and you will see the animal is not all it seems. That look of supreme poise can only be maintained as long as the thing stays perfectly still, its front legs locked straight. The moment it moves, you realise...

A Griffin has four knees!

Oh what a cumbersome creature it becomes. This four kneed fool falls suddenly from regent to jester, cantering about in such a way as to leave the whole animal kingdom jeering at its folly. The courtly mountains are replaced by a wicker cage, and this king for a day pays the ultimate price of the cycle of life as it is left screaming out that the crops will not grow and the harvests will fail, and next it shall be we who are left burning in that pagan idol!

Er, by which I mean... Harryhausen solved this problem by giving his Griffin  the front legs of the lion rather than the eagle. Brilliant! I chose the other option. I broke the Griffin. My Griffin has four elbows instead, and I feel dirty just thinking about this crime against anatomy.

What Griffin am I talking about? Why, the Griffins that feature in the rather wonderful comic Vanguard! You can follow that link for more information, though the most important bits are here:

The best way to order is via paypal.
Our paypal ID is vanguardcomic@gmail.com
Costs are as follows:

In the UK:
Comic - £2.00 Postage - £1.50
In NI:
Comic - £2.00 Postage £1.00
Comic - €2.50 Postage - €1.00
So why not go order a copy today?

Monday, 4 July 2011

What's That? It's Been A While Since I've Updated?

Ah, must be because I'm dedicating all my time to the story I'm doing for Paragon. Completely fallen behind with Weekly TAB submissions and other things that I can actually post here, must try harder with that. In the mean time, here's a sneaky clipping from Rise of the Mekkosapiens to tide you over until normal service is resumed.