Thursday, 30 December 2010

Hoping You All Had A Good One

Wow, turns out the internet was a little harder to get hold of back home than I anticipated. I was hoping for at least one more stop off at a computer, but it was not to be. Still I'm back in the Big City now, so the internets are mine once more!

Hope everyone had a good time, and a big thank-you to everyone who sent their holiday well wishes through various mediums.

As previously mentioned, this is a time of year when I like to consider that great individual who died, but did not die, and who will one day return as the world comes to an end. Yes, this is Cthulhu's season, and as such, there are a few more pictures I thought I might share with you.

First off, here is a picture of a hot-water-bottle-cover. What more would you want to keep you warm in bed than a furry green representation of your favourite, cladistically-ill-defined, beast that slumbers. I made this for my wonderful lady friend. She liked it.

Next up, another gift, this time making use of the clay left over from this. One of the things I love about Lovecraft is the way he grounds all his horror in reality; not by providing "gritty" portrayals of violence like some modern horror movies do, but by pointing out that there is a lot of real stuff in the world that is deeply unsettling.

A lot of people overlook this aspect of Lovecraft's stories. Some even say that the reason his stories work so well is because they are so fantastically unrealistic. Yet, having grown up in a small Cornish seaside town, I can promise you there is nothing at all improbable about degenerate inbred country folk, wonkey buildings that do strange things to people who live in them, landscapes littered with traces of lost and forgotten peoples, cannibal cults who are slowly mutating into dog people, or any of the other things Lovecraft wrote about.

Delve into history, and even more stuff pops up. This is a recreation of a Lepenski Vir sculpture. That wikipedia article claims "numerous piscine sculptures and peculiar architecture are testimony to a rich social and religious life led by the inhabitants". In other words, it's a Deep One Cult. They were sleeping with the fishes, and getting all kinds of good stuff coming back to them in return. And there's nothing wrong with that.  

Finally, here is a picture of a Shoggoth. I drew this several years ago on a beach in the middle of summer. Other kids were swimming and playing beach sports. I was drawing an A3 Shoggoth. That's just the sort of kid I was.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Lugal Rises!

I'm stuck in the internet deprived wasteland that is My Partents House. I've just nipped into the library to find that Temple APA issue 8 is up and downloadable. So, you should all just go read it, cause a comic that I have drawn is in it.


This is that comic I said I would link to in my next post, several posts ago. Well, I found other stuff to talk about. These things happen.

Later, I will smarten this post up, make it look nice, correct the spellings, and such like. Right now, the timer in the corner of the screen is ticking down to zero, so I need to be off!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Christmas Is A Time For Cthulhu

At least, such is the association that has been firmly implanted in my head. This is in part due to the brilliant Christmas albums produced by the H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society, but also to the diverse range of gift ideas that become available when you are buying for a Lovecraft enthusiast. My Wonderful Ladyfriend and I both love these works, and as such there has not been a recent Christmas that has failed to involve some sort of tentacled presents.

As well as making use of the vast range of books and other merchandise, I like to turn my hand to making some gifts myself. As such, before the Twelfth Night, I hope to put up some pictures of my work.

Let's start with a bar relief made of clay, obviously inspired by both the original Call Of Cthulhu, and the splendid prop made by the HPLHS for their silent movie adaptation of this classic story.

Next up: a prehistoric Deep One, and a hot water bottle cover.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

I'm Sure This Has Been Done Before...

But just in case it hasn't:

Made this for my wonderful ladyfriend. I think she liked it. I think.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Christmas Time Is Here Again!

In select parts of York it currently looks like this:

A view from Fred's camera.

Due to my recent discovery of the stats page, I realise that people from all over the world check out this blog (thanks all!), and I'm guessing that many of you will be mocking our joy of snow. Here in the Gulf Stream, however, this is a BIG DEAL!

Yet snow is not the only indicator of festivity. Today has seen the start of the 2000ad Advent Calendar 2010. This long standing tradition is now in its second year, and you can catch the collected edition of the first one here!

I haven't put my name down for this year's calendar, as time is pressing against me. However, Dirk Van Dom has come up with a wonderful idea that I will be contributing towards, along with a host of others. The allotted day for this is not until the 22nd, so you will have a bit of a wait before this inevitable masterpiece is unleashed.

Until then, I thought I might as well chuck my entry from last year up here; keep all my work in one place, and the like. This effort was valiantly lettered by Bolt-01 (AKA David Evans), who volunteered to do the job without realising that when I threw out my general lettering request, I hadn't even decided what I was going to do. The result is a story where I drew the art with a vague idea in mind, then wrote the dialogue based on what I thought might fit into the pictures.

I didn't always guess quite right, but Bolt did the job without a negative word. Thanks Bolt!

Friday, 26 November 2010

This Time, Doctor, It Shall Be Your Last!

This is probably the last Dr WTF?! picture I will be able to post without giving any of the plot away. Once it's all finished though, there's going to be some colour added, which, as you may have noticed, is a bit of a New Thing for me. So I'll probably put up something a little more revealing once that's all done.

In other news, the previously mentioned Lugal has been marvellously lettered by HdE, who, on that site, compares Sunstreaker to internet trolls. As someone who doesn't get how Sunstreaker is so popular, this entirely works for me.

Lugal has even found its first home, but there will be more about that in my next, hopefully imminent, post.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Remembrance Of The Revelation Of The Resurrection Of WTF?!

So, when I put up these preview pictures, I don't like to give away too much of the story they come from.

This is why I have chosen the following picture.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Dr WTF?!

Here are some drawings of a character I like to call Twenty Three.

Why? Because knowing a Doctor by his number is how people do this sort of thing.

Or so I have been led to believe.

This is Doctor WTF?! and his companion Septaline, the lovable scamp. These characters were created by one Oscar Maltby (AKA Ozebane), my partner in crime for the deranged brainchild of Owen Watts.

You see, Owen had a dream. He dreamt of a new vision for that old family favourite. In a fictional world where, canonically, canon is non canon (see RTD's comments at Den of Geek ), Owen wanted a Doctor that was less canon than any other Doctor ever!

So move over Peter Cushing. Forget about it Rowan Atkinson. There is a new Non-Canon Champion, and not just the one! Owen has assembled a whole host of writers, artists, and other creative types. I'm sure by the end of the project we'll have shown that "13 lives" rule where it can shove itself.

Right up the Eye of Harmony, is what I mean.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Some Art I Have Been Drawing

As I have occasionally mentioned, I have recently been working on a comic strip written by Matt Mclaughlin.

Well, my work has finally been completed. It has been rolled up, squeezed into a cable, and sent whizzing through the internet; heading to that mystical, secret land inhabited by unicorns, letterers and editors.

By which I mean, there is more work to be done, but it is all out of my hands now, and I'm not sure why I mentioned unicorns at all.

So here are some preview images from Lugal

Friday, 29 October 2010

Blog Beast Demands Feeding!

And so feed it I must!

I'm currently finishing off work on that strip I'm always talking about. Should be all done bar the scanning by the end of tomorrow.

So, as Halloween is upon us, I thought I might as well chuck up some of the photos of a pumpkin I carved a few years back. It won the monthly 2000ad art competition of their forums, on which the standard is constantly high, so you should check them out. My victory was no doubt scored through the gimmick of using a pumpkin for a canvas. Although I normally hate gimmicks, such is the way that battles are won.


Monday, 18 October 2010


Work continues on the comic I am currently working on, and once that is complete, I'm going to start work on another comic that will hopefully see the light of distribution-day!

As such, I won't be able to put any complete pages here for a while. Rather than let this place grow fallow, I will instead post something I knocked up the other day.

Obligatory cut off Livejournal title: As Galvatron once said, "This is bad co

Hover-over Text: Me Grimlock not time paradox! Me Grimlock KING!

Anyone a little confused by certain artistic choices displayed here should check out Dinosaur Comics by Ryan North. Kate Beaton once did a Dinosaur Comics Homage, and she was herself homaged (sure, that can be a word) when Livejournal user Astersyn turned this comic into this. I feel that by combining Transformers and Dinosaur Comics, I have somehow completed a circle of life.

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Project Supersquirrel

Two updates in two days! How rare!

The reason I return so soon is because today saw The Legendary Shark (aka Mark Howard) post a public link to Supersquirrel Undefeated aka The Secret Project.

That last link will take you to where all the action has been happening, but to summarise, after hearing that Carlos Ezquerra (why yes, I am going for the 2010 Most Redundant Link Of The Year Award, thank you for noticing) had undergone an epic lung operation, the Shark thought up the idea of creating the Get Well Card to end all Get Well Cards. It was a Secret Project that truly earned its capital letters, bringing together fans from across the globe to show their appreciation for the great man's work.

Basically, if, after seeing this, you ever receive a get well card yourself, it will not fill you with the warm feeling of being loved, but it will instead act as a reminder that you will never amount to even a fraction of Carlos's lifetime achievements or manliness. Because you are not Carlos Ezquerra. Unless Carlos Ezquerra is reading this. In which case you are Carlos Ezquerra, and can just ignore this paragraph.

Anyway, enough wittering, just go here and look at the thing yourself.

Host 1:

Host 2:

(Both links lead to the same file, in case you have difficulty with one or the other.)

The final word should go to The Legendary Shark himself, for achieving such an amazing feat. Many have called for him to be awarded the Krill Tro Thargo, and if Tharg was a democracy rather than a brutal, condescending, alien tyrant, then I would add my vote to the heap.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Win Some, Lose Some

And so September draws to an end, and I have only managed to complete four out of five pages for this month.

Yet I am not disheartened, for there is good reason for my slowness! I have been taking my time with my newest project, as there would seem to be a good chance of getting it published. I am currently three pages through a script by Matthew Mclaughlin, and a damned fine script it is too! As we intend to see it in print, I can't show you the work so far, but here are some sketches that may whet the apatite.

"But wait!" I hear you cry, in a largely figurative sense. "If you are only three pages into that story, then where does your fourth page come in?"

Well, that would be a page that I drew for my wonderful ladyfriend, and it is one that I can reveal to the world. I have brutally disfigured the piece by attempting a fat fisted attempt at lettering. If any letterers read this, I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry.

This jolly sequence is entitled Megatron Builds A Fort

In other news, the 2000ad forum has led to a vast expansion in the numbers of those following this blog! Hi all, some of you I have followed back, others I haven't yet due to not quite being able to work the computer properly. Some people have links in their little pictures, others do not, and it is taking me a while to get my head round the crazy variation. Please forgive my faltering steps at using this new Blogger contraption, I am awfully slow with such things.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Holed Up

As the end of June approached, I set myself the task of drawing a comic a month for the rest of the year. Hopefully this will give me lots of practice, and help me iron out the various flaws in my work.

So here is August's effort, an attempt at a Future Shock originally published in 2000ad, prog 1249. The script was written by Richard McTighe, originally drawn by Cam Smith, and you can read the script for youself over at Barney

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Ultimate Sacrifice

Another comic, this time with a script by Mark Howard, who sent me this script to try out after seeing my work on the Moby Dick strip. This is a silent comic under the title of Ultimate Sacrifice.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

I have recently been trying to get into the habit of drawing comics. This is my first attempt at drawing a script that was written by someone else, and I have decided to use this blog as a place to share my experiments. I know there are loads of mistakes here, but such is the way with the learning process.

The art is based on the script “Old Red”, written by Simon Spurrier, originally drawn by Staz Johnson, and published in 2000ad, Prog 1232.

You can read the script here

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Welcome One And All

I don’t know about you, but as I write this, it is 21.04 according to the computer clock, so I hope you are having a good evening. I certainly am, and not just because you can make a twenty three out of that number.

This is the first post of my new blog, and I’m happy for anyone to wander along and see what I’m posting here. I must confess, though, that this blog has been created entirely as a way of keeping in touch with my brother. As such, you can probably expect it to be full of conversations that go along the lines of “Hey, do remember the time Gran did that thing and we all laughed?” “Oh boy, do I!” and other such spurious drivel that will be absolutely meaningless to anyone outside the Carter household. I make no apologies for this, but at the same time will attempt to regularly post something of more general interest to any other friends that happen to stumble past.