Monday, 13 February 2012

Free Archaeologist Art

A few years back I was approached by an archaeologist of my acquaintance who completely fits the "Ready To Fight Giant Ants At Any Moment" academic stereotype.

"I am organising a community archaeology project," said the Professor. "And I need my literature to be accessible to all humans. Would you be willing to draw me some child friendly pictures of archaeologists engaging in various fieldwork activities?"

Now, there was something about the way that the Professor said "all humans" that made me deeply suspect that he didn't count himself as human. I was so busy internally debating whether he was a disguised robot/lizard-person/super-evolved-floating-brain-from-the-future, that I said "yes" without first asking for any money.

Anyway, the project didn't get quite as much interest as he needed and the pictures languished unused; that is until I decided to put them here! Should any archaeologists pass by, happening to need some child friendly doodles, feel free to make use of my pictures. If it is possible to credit me, so much the better!

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