Tuesday, 28 February 2012

End Of February Miscellany

This week I have been joining various other Paragon contributors in getting possibly a little too excited about our recent Comic Heroes review. I must confess that each issue of Comic Heroes would cost me more than I earn in an hour, so I can't justify the expense, but that Nikolai Dante badge does almost swing it for me.

I'm particularly invested in this as they used a little of my art to help decorate the page. Mine is the stuff on the top right, the rest being the fine work of Dave Candlish, Steven Denton, and James Corcoran.

In other news, I believe I have completely neglected to mention that I've seen the fully lettered pages for Dr WTF?! and they are looking super sweet! In fact, have a preview, you know you want one:

"Enough wallowing in the past," I hear you cry. "What about the future?"

Well, this month I have been experimenting with tracing paper and found that I like it. A lot. The smooth texture, the fluid pen marks, the reusable pencils, all leads me to think I have a new favourite way of working. At least, until I find some other way I prefer over the next few weeks. I choose to see my flitting tastes as a positive aspect of my work!

Here is a picture of a boy riding a bike. Why have I drawn a boy riding a bike? It's all part of a comic I am currently putting the finishing touches onto, so there will be more news of that over the coming month. 

There will also be news of the other project I am working on. The great cyclic nature of blog posts leads me once more to Paragon's Rise of the Mekkosapiens, for which I am drawing yet more 'time-and-space-rupturing-super-violence'. Well, there will be robots and guns at any rate.

Bikes, robots, and guns. That's the shape of March to come. See you there!


  1. I may have to have 'time-and-space-rupturing-super-violence' as the tag line on the next cover!

  2. Do it, Davey! If a line like that doesn't shift a few copies, I don't know what will!