Saturday, 26 November 2011

Paragon 9: Rise Of The Mekkosapiens Part 3!

You go and say something like "That's all my blogging for this month," and then the inevitable happens, and by 'inevitable' I mean 'something I can't wait until Thursday to shout about!'

Paragon 9 is out!

Jikan the time travelling Japanese warrior could well be fighting some sort of demonic incursion. Icarus may possibly continue to have his mind blown by the alien mermaid who rescued him from the whole flying too close to the sun thing. Nazi secret societies will likely be getting up to all sorts of nefarious deeds, only to have their plans potentialy thwarted by the heroic Spencer Nero. And there's a one off story called No Compromise which looks like it might be about cowboys maybe?

Want to find out how many of these predictions are fulfilled by reality? Check out the comic and see for yourself. It is just 99p from lulu! The last 'jumping-on issue was number 7, so you may want to pick yourself up that one and number 8 as well, just to help you follow the stories.

My entierly biased reason for bringing this to your attention is that I have some art in it! Matt McLaughlin's Rise Of The Mekkosapiens Part 3 sees me drawing some robots, who end up having all sorts of adventures! I enjoyed drawing them, and hopefully you will enjoy reading them!


  1. T'was nice work indeed, sir. Your detail-packed panels work well with the setting - proof you can draw mechanical madness as well as organic.

    Has...Davey mentioned we want you back on the strip sooner than you might have thought?

  2. "Next year" has been mentioned. I'm booked up till the first of February, but after that I'll happily take up the challenge.

  3. "I'm all booked up".

    Now you're starting to sound like a big shot artist, ha ha!