Saturday, 19 November 2011

Me And The Rest Of The Internet Went To Thought Bubble...

... and it was simply brilliant and I'm going to ramble on about how much fun I had. For the easily bored, there will be pictures, and oh... what pictures!

Now, I am not one for crowded spaces full of people. As such, I would like to congratulate the organisers for making it feel less packed than last year. I am going to assume this is because they spaced the tables a bit wider apart, that was a brilliant idea. If the space was in fact created by lower attendance, then, er, just forget I said anything. I do not believe this could be possible though, last year was good fun, who wouldn't come back? And this year was even better!

First point of call was the Zarjaz stand, for which we were waved down by Bolt and Owen Watts. If you like 2000ad, then you will like Zarjaz and its sister publications. I will need to wax lyrical about these at some point, but I feel that is a post for another day. The stand also had some copies of Dr WTF?! for sale, which was pretty cool as I haven't seen these in the flesh before. Here is a picture of me with my art!

Next it was over to the Pirate Drawing Competition! This was being run by Gillian Rogerson and Sarah Mcintyre, respectively the author and illustrator of You Can't Scare A Princess. I was once again impressed that this convention welcomes people of all ages. Last year I met Sarah as she was getting kids to design aliens for You Can't Eat A Princess. This year I met Gillian, who seemed a little confused by my habit of being older than ten, but let me draw Captain McArrgh anyway. Regular readers will recognise this yellow toothed rogue as the villain from Marlypee Monkey And Baal The Bear, and he'll be returning next year in an exciting new project I can't talk about just yet. Oooooh, cryptic

We met the Planet Replica people, and Matt Booker and Ian Edington, and that was all wonderful. Then it was time to head back over and see what was happening at the 2000ad stall.

Simon Davis was doing sketches, that was what was happening. I hesitate to call them sketches though, for despite considering the sketch to be a proud and noble art-form, such a term falls short of describing what was happening. At several points I thought he was finished, but then he just kept on going, and, well, look at this, just look at it.

Simon Davis's Sky Ripping Elder Horror

He charged me nothing for this, and as he handed it over to me he said, "I'm sorry, the paint is still wet." He was apologising for giving me this thing of beauty. I felt humbled.

This feeling continued as I headed over to see Mick Mcmahon. He was giving away free sketches too. I got a Hammerstein for myself and a Deadlock for my wonderful lady friend. Mick was also the very definition of lovely.

Mick Mcmahon's Deadlock

Mick Mcmahon's Hammerstein

So was Henry Flint, who, it would seem, looks just like his avatar! He has released a book of non-comic art that he claims are 'doodles,' and this was the launch day! The people who sold me this book told me that Henry would "be along shortly to give me a 'personalised doodle'," and so I was expecting a quick scrawl that would none-the-less be pretty awesome. I love a good doodle I do.

So anyway, I wasn't expecting this.

Henry Flint's Nemesis

He also did that thing where every time I thought he was finished, he just kept on going. Once again he wasn't charging anything! There was another person who had stood beside us while Simon Davis was working our magic, and she ended up with us here as well, due to having similar exquisite taste. Henry drew her a Shakara, and my friend Jenny got... well, Jenny got what I consider to be a somewhat Christmassy picture, so I'm going to ask her if I can scan it in and post it up here as we reach the festive season.

That was my time at Thought Bubble. In a mildly intrusive moment of My Other Life (the life I live when I'm not on the internet or drawing comics), I haven't been overly well recently. This day has cheered me up no end. If I ever need reminding of the fact that there are good people in this world, I'm going to look up at these pictures as they hang from the wall, and think back to meeting all these brilliant people. It will help me, so thanks all, and if you've got this far in reading the post, I thank you for that as well.

Goodnight all, see ya next time.


  1. Wow! That's not quite how I imagined you - yeah, you've got the slightly crazed, "gazed into the void once too often" eyes, but other than that you appear fairly normal-looking. Fairly.

  2. Haha, cheers Matt.

    I must admit I'm not looking my best in these photos. Didn't get a chance to shower or shave that morning as I overslept; but then, so did Henry Flint, so I feel I'm in good company.