Monday, 2 April 2012

Lizard People!

Right, let's turn April into Halo and the Gryphon Month. That link takes you to the second issue, all ready and up on the internet for your reading pleasure. If you need to catch up on the fantastic issue 1, that can be found here for the paltry price of a single pound!

The newest episode introduces Lizzah and her Halo. Let's go meet them both!

Oooh, on second thoughts, they look pretty busy. Maybe we should come back when they aren't being attacked by shape-shifting smoke-monsters.

Next we have a few sketches exploring intra-species variation among Lizzah's people. I'm not even sure when we'll be meeting any more of her kind, but I'll be ready for them when they turn up!

I've just recieved the script for episode three, and that has a whole load of new stuff I need to design. Monsters, species, scenery, Halo and the Gryphon likes to mix it up a fair bit, and so do I! That's why next week I'll be giving you a sneak peak at my first venture into colour with these characters. See you then!

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