Monday, 19 March 2012

Vanguard 2 Is Here!

The previously promised preview of the next Mekkosapiens...

Will not be seen this week, because Vanguard 2 has erupted onto the net!

Demonic editor Redbats is back, bringing with him the fruits of many months of torturing creators in a dark room without food or light, and with music, too loud music, and big buckets of water, and...

*Ahem,* anyway, as has already been reported on Down The Tubes, Vanguard issue two not only continues the exciting adventures of all your favourite Vanguard characters, but also cuts a violent swathe into the land of digital distribution!

Yes, you can read Vanguard 2 right now, just by clicking on this biased link! Did I mention it's absolutely free? You can buy a physical copy here should you like it, and buying a copy will get you free gifts!

I'll be pimping this a few more times over the next few weeks, but first of all it's back to Rise Of The Mekkosapiens, more on that next week!

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