Monday, 7 March 2011


I promised more content, and so here it is:

This comic was an attempt to homage Kate Beaton's brilliant work. How much that actually comes across is perhaps debatable, so I thought I would spell it out here just to be sure.

Whenever I do Transformers pictures, I always get the feeling that the joke has probably been done a thousand times before. Yet I draw them anyway, because Transformers are so fun to draw! It was not until I had finished this picture that I realised that Optimus had found a shop that sells some damned big groceries. Feel free to assume that either he had found some planet full of giant, G1 weirdness, or else he had a moment of strange shifting proportions, like that episode where Soundwave tripped over a tree root.

In other news, here is some recently revealed work by Christov and Lee Bates. I am drawing your attention to this not only because it deserves to be seen, but also because Lee is working on a strip with me, the afore mentioned one about pirates. This is an event that fills me with much excitement.

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