Thursday, 15 April 2010

Welcome One And All

I don’t know about you, but as I write this, it is 21.04 according to the computer clock, so I hope you are having a good evening. I certainly am, and not just because you can make a twenty three out of that number.

This is the first post of my new blog, and I’m happy for anyone to wander along and see what I’m posting here. I must confess, though, that this blog has been created entirely as a way of keeping in touch with my brother. As such, you can probably expect it to be full of conversations that go along the lines of “Hey, do remember the time Gran did that thing and we all laughed?” “Oh boy, do I!” and other such spurious drivel that will be absolutely meaningless to anyone outside the Carter household. I make no apologies for this, but at the same time will attempt to regularly post something of more general interest to any other friends that happen to stumble past.


  1. I can't remember any specific Gran moments off the top of my head, just when she farts all the time and pretends it doesn't happen, and we laugh like schoolboys and mum flaps her hands trying to get us to shut up. Hurr hurr.

  2. Also, let's look at that scene with Bracewell again. In the course of two minutes he punches him in the face for apparently no reason, shows him that he is a bomb, gets him to remember his dead parents and tell him how much it hurts then laughs at his forbidden love's name. Matt Smith rocks.

    Some more reasons Matt Smith rocks:
    He spits on the Tardis
    He hits things with big spanners
    He fires guns out of context in adverts
    He reminds you to delete your internet history