Sunday, 27 May 2012

More About Lost: Boys!

The other week I talked about the forthcoming release Lost: Boys. Well, now we are in the future, and the forthcoming release has become an unleashed upon the world leaving chaos in its wake release. A few days ago, my copy landed on the door mat and I got to enjoy the fruition of everyone's work. It really is a wonderful little package; quality stories, quality art, quality paper stock. Why not check it out for yourself? They're working on a super swish interweb ordering service, but until then you can find out how to get a copy here.

Lost: Boys cover by Conor Boyle

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Viking Family Fun

Following a little bit of a laptop meltdown, I may well be absent from the net for a short while. While I'm away, please enjoy these sketches of an Anglo-Scandinavian family that I have been drawing for a project at work.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Lost: Boys

Disconnected Press is an independent publisher of comics and graphic novels, headed by Lizzie and Conor Boyle. You may remember that I worked with Lizzie last year on Storage, a comic for Hallowscream. This weekend, she's back with not one, but two new comics, both being released at Bristol Comic Expo. You can find out more by following that link at the start of the paragraph, but just to whet the apatite, let's talk about the one that I've drawn some art for.

Remember when you got your first bike? There was something about that first bicycle that mattered. You could go further, faster than ever before. You were free to roam. You lived in a bigger world.

But a bigger world can be daunting, harsh. A bigger world can lead you to things you never expected. In a bigger world, it’s much easier to be lost.

This is Lizzie's introduction to Lost: Boys. The stories all focus on young lads who find themselves wandering from the more oft-trodden paths of life. Lizzie says she wanted to work "with a group of artists who are starting out in comics and whose work merits a wider audience." It feels pretty good to have found a place among such a number. Over on their site, you can learn more about my fellow collaborators, as well as checking out my first ever interview!

If you want a copy, get in touch with Lizzie at

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Dr WTF?! 2012

Colin MacNeil's cover

Dr WTF?! 2012 is complete, and has already been seen hitting the conventions. Neither time nor space is big enough to contain the awesomeness that is Colin MacNeil's colourtastic cover, and the contents within are pretty good too!

I went trawling the internet for quotes, and I found that people had the following things to say about it:

"I RATE THIS COMIC 10/10... IT BE AWESOME!" - Alan Lewis

"The Nazi version of the Doctor was my favourite." - Mike Donachie

"Dr WTF is the most psychedelic Doctor Who anthology in existence. Crammed to bursting with amazing artists, glorious writers and RIDICULOUS LETTERING." - Owen Watts (Editor and Letterer)

The next stop in the Dr WTF?! 2012 tour is Bristol Comic Expo on 12-13th of May. Should you wish to beat the crowds, get £4.50 ready, give a shout, and soon all this shall be yours!