Monday, 31 October 2011

Hallowscream: Storage

This cheerful chap is Mark. He likes surfing and quad-biking. He enjoys a good night down the pub, but also relishes the quiet solitude of the open countryside. His favourite book is The Beach, though he didn't think much of the film.

Mark works at a storage warehouse. It's Saturday evening, and he was just getting ready to lock up when the inevitable happened. Because there's always one isn't there? Someone who turns up mere minutes before you head off home. But you grin and bare it, because that's just good customer service. 

And then they start messing about...

Find out what happens next in this year's Hallowscream. Over one hundred pages of horror themed comics, all at the super cheap price of Absolutely Free! The story you are looking for is Storage, the second story in, page 9 according to the contents. It's written by one Lizzie Boyle, drawn by myself, and lettered by someone who appears to be uncredited, sorry mysterious letterer! Previous editions of Hallowscream are still available, also for free! Why not check them all out?

Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Spinning Of Many Plates.

Tis my birthday on Monday, and as far as creativity goes I feel I have the next year all completely booked up.

As regular readers will know, most immediate on my schedule is Halo and the Gryphon, closely followed by Dr WTF?! These projects are still in the design/storyboard stage at the moment, with November seeing the beginning of The Great Gryphon Push. Unlike the war, this one will be finished by Christmas, with the good Doctor landing his Tardis in the editor's tray some time in the new year.

These pictures were attempts to create an alien species for the story, but I think I have gone in entirely the wrong direction. The thing in the bottom left corner is a Glitter-Shark, best if you don't ask.

Back to the drawing board tomorrow, I feel. Not to worry though, for these designs will be put to use in the next project: Age of Iron, or, Bigfoots and Dinosaurs. This is going to be a collection of non-sequential art I am creating to illustrate a role-play text. It should hopefully allow me to experiment with different styles and techniques, and I think my art will only benefit as a result.

That project needs to be completed by next summer, and may well prove to be quite time consuming. I'm hopefully still going to be working on a few comics at the same time; episode three of Halo and the Gryphon will inevitably drop into my inbox shortly after the release of Vanguard 2, and I've also been asked to draw one of next year's Mekkosapien episodes.

Finally, we have perhaps the most exciting news at all. In fact, it is so exciting I dare not speak of it yet, lest I jinx it all with my careless tongue. I'm just going to leave you with this little chappy, and I'll return to the matter when I have a little more to say.

Not that you will have to wait quite that long for a new update. I'll be back soon with news of where you will be able to find the last few pieces of work I've completed over this past year. Thanks for reading!

Friday, 14 October 2011

Some More Reviews!

Some of you may remember a few months back when I posted some reviews of my work. Well, I'm back to do more shameless self promotion, on this blog that is almost entirely shameless self promotion! Go me!

To start with, my work for the next Dr WTF?! is already getting good feedback, and I'm not even past the preliminary sketch stage. Greg Meldrum seems happy with the work so far, while over on Facebook  Owen Watts claimed that "This is easily going to be the MOST INSANE story in Dr WTF?! 2012." So while editor, writer, and artist all stand around slapping each other on the back and marvelling at their own brilliance, let's anchor this post to the ground before it disappears up our collective backsides. 

Forbidden Planet International has a less glowing review of Vanguard. It's not a completely bad review, but is certainly the least positive we've had so far. Here's what it says about my work;
The art by Louis Carter starts out so strongly, that very first page above of really nice, almost abstracted shapes as the Halo makes planetfall. But after it gets too damn busy, panels just so full of detail, with everything a mass of lines and shading. It’s not bad, not at all, but if it were stripped back just a little, to what we saw on the opening couple of pages it would be so much better. But the potential here is huge.

Not to worry though, for if that was our least positive review, this next one is the most positive! Comics Bulletin has seen some cutting reviews in its time, and I think many of us were waiting for this one with nervous anticipation. It all turned out well though, take a look at this;
"Halo and the Gryphon" feels like an underground comix adaptation of Osamu Tezuka's Phoenix; the big selling point for me is the art of Louis Carter, a strange and evocative mix of fine detail on the characters and a far more blocky, abstract approach to backgrounds. It looks like nothing else I've ever seen -- aside from perhaps David C. Sutherland's artwork in the early days of Dungeons and Dragons, and even that's not quite the same -- but it's stunning work.

Amusingly, the page that they picked to illustrate the Comics Bulletin review was the one that I find the most crowded, while the Forbidden Planet one chose a page in which only one of the six panels has a background to distract you.

Still, I welcome constructive criticism, and I will be considering my strengths and weaknesses as I continue working on part two of Halo and the Gryphon. As such, I would like to offer my thanks to Richard and Kelvin, and all those who have taken the time to offer their opinions elsewhere. The next few weeks should see me posting some sketches of some new characters, so don't forget to drop by again!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Doing The Time Warp Again

What have I been up to over the past month? I've been drawing a comic strip for Hallowscream. The work is done now, and writer Lizzie Boyle has paid it some much appreciated compliments. I'll be shouting all about the comic come the end of the month, but for now why not head over here to find more about it? The editors are particularly asking for people to make some noise about their IndieGoGo project, so that's my signal boost.

Onwards now to the next project, like an ever advancing artistic blitzkrieg. The happy go lucky chappy above is the star of what may well turn out to be my best work yet. Greg Meldrum's 'The Reich Stuff' is certainly the funniest, most idea packed script to have ever crossed my email account, so hopefully my art will do it the justice it deserves. Er... by which I mean, I hope my art fully realises the script's potential, rather than bring it to trial for war crimes.

Yes, Doctor WTF?! is back, and about time too (that was a Radio Times joke, not a request for people to make their heads explode trying to get the comic out quicker). Once more we shall see all manner of completely-non-canon time-travelling hi-jinks. That word again is non-canon, so the design on that cap will be replaced by a big Blackblood style skull just to play things safe.

This is our time traveller's companion. I'm really not wanting to spoil any of the jokes here, so that's pretty much all you're getting for now. What I will say is that the script asked for a sound system and guitar that looked like it had been designed by Jack Kirby. Now, obviously I am aware of Kirby's work due to being alive, but as I have a pretty minimal interest in super hero comics, I wasn't sure how to approach this. Then my good friend Jenny found me this, so I'll be using that as a check-list as I build on these initial sketches. Thanks Jenny!