Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Here, Have A Face.

This is from a comic that should be appearing in this year's Hallowscream.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

I Found An Old Sketchbook! Look Here For Lovecraft Stuff!

I'm going camping this weekend, and didn't much like the idea of a few sketchy scribbles being the foremost representatives of my work while I was away. So how am I going to fix this? By showing some artwork that is at least seven years old! There is some logic here; only today someone found my blog by typing lepenski vir lovecraft into their search engine. Check that out, five links to my blog on the first page alone, you can sure as hell make a 23 out of that!

In conclusion, Lovecraft pulls in the hits like Innsmouth men pull in the fishy ladies. So who am I to not give people what they want.

This first piece is the one that alerted me to to the fact that I was missing a sketch book. All the way back in June, the Weekly TAB did a Doctors and Professors theme. I wanted to show this picture, but where had it got to? The living room, that's where, right underneath my Wonderful Lady Friend's Transformers Animated Megatron. Why didn't I think of looking there?

Ah well, found it now. Not sure if West ever graduated actually, but I like to think he was granted his doctorate by a far higher power than any Harvard or Miskatonic...

This one is a drawing for a comic I dreamed up in my first year of university while waiting for a lecture to start. I might even have some of those note book sketches somewhere, I'll do another post about that if I can find them. If I don't find them, and any writers out there are intrigued by the title Machiavelli's Monkeys enough to want to raise the project from development hell, then feel free to get in touch.

As it is, this is a Mi-go Brain Cylinder, complete with some nifty additions to make it more functional for the occupant. Since reading The Whisperer in Darkness many years ago, I have read much in the way of Lovecraft critique. My interpretation of the story seems to be completely different from that of everyone else, in that I see it as the very optimistic story of a man transcending his human limitations. I certainly don't believe it actually features Nyarlathotep as anything other than a name drop. But this is a tangent for another day...

These last two are part of a series of pictures I have already posted here and here. Not much to say about them really, shoggoth and byakhee, simple as that. Did I say last two? Well, they are the last two Lovecraft pictures, but I did also find this little dude among the pages, and thought he was just too cute not to share.

More Doodles

Been busy the past few weeks, but soon there shall be some slightly more polished work than the stuff I have been posting recently. These are some sketches of two characters I've been designing. Neither are quite there yet, but I feel I'm heading in the right direction.