Tuesday, 7 February 2012

So It's Time We Talked About February...

It always seemed to me that February must have stolen some prized possession from all the other months, such they they formed a lynch mob and cut off its hands in a horrible homage to a Medieval witch-trial. Even after February was bitten by that second cousin (three times removed) of a werewolf, causing one of its hands to grow back for a single day every four years, I can still feel only suspicion that February may return to its criminal ways, and cannot ever trust it to be a real month. 

As such, following January's wonderful Dr WTF?! theme, I found myself wondering if I could cluster all of this month's posts around a similar, singular idea, and decided that "Any Random Stuff That Doesn't Fit Elsewhere" was the best that February deserves.

Let us begin with this old doodle of the ABC Warriors. I found it while clearing out some crud to make room for the electrician to completely rewire our house. The chaos (Khaos?) this process caused cost me a few nights of comic work, so it is only fair I'm getting a blog post out of it.

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