Tuesday, 3 January 2012

So What Do I Want From The New Year?

As well as continuing with Halo and the Gryphon, and hopefully an episode of Rise of the Mekkosapiens, this year I'm striking out in new directions. I have a few non-comic projects planned, and I intend to get a bit more experimental as well. This may well mean post after post of both successful and unsuccessful artistic try-outs, but however it goes I'm hoping to keep up a roughly weekly schedule of blogging, so you get to hear all about it. Doesn't that sound promising.

First though, January will see me finishing off my pages for Doctor WTF?! Let's start off with some design sketches. Everyone loves design sketches.  


  1. Oh-ho! The techno-coffin has a delightfully retro 'Danger Will Robinson!' quality about it. It's fun to see you working on the design for the man-with-the-dreads-who-shall-remain-nameless, particularly the way said dreads have been incorporated into the ectoplasmic version. Top notch stuff!

  2. Ah, I'm glad "Danger Will Robinson" was the phrase that came to mind, because that is exactly what I was thinking when I drew it!

    Finished basic inking on page 4 today. Just page five to go, and then the art starts to get a little... experimental...