Monday, 23 January 2012

Hauptmann Who In... First Glimpse Of The Coming Race!

This is the fourth and final post in what has been my Month Of Dr WTF?! At one point I did wonder if I could try to theme these posts around the same four part structure that most Doctor Who stories used to adhere to, but then I decided that my time would be better spent doing something that was actually productive.

Remember earlier in the month when I said I was going to get a bit experimental? Well, where better to experiment than Doctor WTF?!

"Um, in your own time and not when you are rushing to meet a deadline?" I hear the editor lament.

And yes, there is that I suppose. But I've decided to try for some colour. And I've started every sentence in this paragraph with a conjunction! So it's all sorts of innovative fun all round!

So let's have a look at what I've been up to. Still a little more work to go, but everything is trundling along nicely.

That's it for Doctor WTF?! Month. Next time you see me talking about this project, it will be when Owen brings news of its completion, and then not even a TARDIS would be able to contain my excitement!


  1. Cor-flamin'-blimey, guv! Four whole beautiful panels, in colour, no less! I was already confident from the design sketches that this was going to be something special, but the colouring on this is just gorgeous, and Hauptmann Who's strident goose-steppy pose absolutely nails the character perfectly. And yet somehow, there's still a whimsical 'children's storybook from an odd and politically-suspect parallel universe' vibe to proceedings.

    Absolutely lovely, Louis - ridiculously keen to see the finished version.

    1. Three pages complete, and two more with just a little bit of colour tinkering to do. If you were to pm me your email address, I could make sure you see the pages when I send them to Owen, and absolutely won't use the address to hassle you for more scripts to work on. No sir. *cough* I really liked Spencer Nero *cough*