Friday, 11 November 2011

Vril-Ja? Vril-Nein!

Owen Watts has taken my picture of Hauptmann Who and worked his glorious colouring magic upon it. I sat there for some time earlier giggling at the picture; this story is certainly playing to my interests. Er, by which I mean nineteenth-and-twentieth-century-western-mythology, rather than Nazi-ism. Just thought I'd point that out to make sure people do not stumble upon this blog, find this as their first post, and jump to all sorts of erroneous conclusions about my personal ideologies.

Oh dear, I'd better get some more pictures of the cuddly monkey and bear up here quick.

In the mean time, enjoy this teaser, and keep an eye on the Dr WTF?! Facebook Page for more from all the creators involved.

"Hauptmann Who, it's snowing!"

"No, Von Hendrix,
that is merely the ash being spewed out by the TARDIS's
Dimensionally Transcendental Holocaust Ovens.
They're bigger on the inside too..."

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