Friday, 18 November 2011

Marlypee's Monkey Tail Mission

Following Dirk Van Dom's praise of Marlypee Monkey And Baal The Bear, I have decided to present what exists of the sequel.

It was during the creation of this work that I realised the size, format, and quality of these stories were simply not marketable, and my creative energies began being pushed in different directions. As such, two pretty important pictures exist only in pencil form, and not even with pencils that would lend themselves to scanning. Still, I'll push ahead regardless, and try to fill in the gaps. As before, I will spare you the terrible poetry that accompanied this art; there is even more of it than there was last time and it is not pretty.

Do you remember how Marlypee had his tail bitten off by a monster two parts mouth, three parts maggot, and one part Tyrannosaurus arms? Well, Marleypee certainly remembers, because it isn't the sort of thing you forget. Here we see him sat in sorrow beneath his tree. The blue bird is still there. I bet that bird was enjoying all sorts of loud music while Marlypee and Baal were off on their adventure.

But wait! Who is this raven that comes flying by? Why, it is a Good Samaritan! Not the one of biblical parable obviously, I am talking analogously. This charitable avian just so happens to have about their person a magical book containing the secret to reaching the legendary Old One, a wish granter of some repute who would easily be able to give Marlypee back his tail.

Marlypee decides to take this gift, offered with nothing but kindness, and begins ploughing through this voluminous tome. As the raven promised, the book contains a spell for finding your way to a key that opens a gate and takes you to the Old One. Or something. So far, so good, what could possibly go wrong?

What a surprise! The spell works! Marlypee and Baal travel through those strange and iridescent spheres to a strange land not unlike one experienced in dreams. Being new to the area, they do what any lost travellers would do, they find a member of the local police force and ask for directions.

Polly the Police Pufferfish swims through the air and blows out floating bubbles of water every time she exhales. What a topsy-turvy place this is. She knows the way to the Old One's castle and leads them through the forest of thorns, where armadillos jump and dance with sausages and prawns.

On the way they pass a warty toad person trying to sacrifice a cat amid a circle of ancient, other-worldly stones. Polly is having none of this, and bops the toad on the head with her trusty police baton. Law and order has prevailed, and Max the Manx is grateful that his life is saved. He takes great interest in Marlypee's plight, for would you know it, Max is lacking a tail as well! Their desires combined in common purpose, our party of four set off on their way.

Emerging from the forest, Polly reveals the citadel of the Old One, flying amid the clouds. Marlypee is uncertain of how to reach this castle, but Polly explains how they simply need to jump into her floating bubbles and swim in them as they float into the sky. They put this plan to the test and it works pretty well!

Here is where we miss one of the pictures, showing the interior of this grand building, wherein sits the rave atop a massive pile of treasure!

"Welcome Marlypee," says the raven. "I am the Old One of legend. In your humdrum world I can take the form of naught but a scrawny raven, but here in the Dreamlands my powers are almost without limit! Thus do I return your tail!"

And with the wave of a wing, Marlypee's tail grows back out of nothing! However, before they can raise the matter of Max's similar wish, the raven continues.

"And now I have grown a new tail for you, I will bite it off and swallow it whole! Then I shall grow it anew and bite it off once more! You are now my prisoner, to provide me with monkey tails forever, for there is no snack I find tastier than a fresh monkey tail.

Baal remains silent through all this, but you can tell he is sighing inside. Once again he steps up to defend his friend, releasing wrath as only a bear can. The raven remains unphased.

"Foolish bear! As I said before, it is only in your would that I am trapped in the body of a raven. Behold my true form!"

And then there is a massive green tentacled eye mouth monster, which starts picking everyone up with the afore mentioned tentacles and begins stuffing them into the afore mentioned mouths.

Yet in a fortuitous twist of fate, the Old One finds it's prey somewhat hard to swallow. Sneezing is instead the order of the day, and the next missing picture reveals it to have an adorable hanker-chief, with the letters 'OO' embroidered into the corner.

It would seem the Old One is allergic to cats! So it was a pretty good job that Polly rescued Max. Everyone runs away while the Old One sneezes so hard that it starts making the castle collapse all around it! Amid falling masonry, our animal friends find the fire exit that let the raven into their world, and they find themselves back where this all started.

Marlypee, Baal, Polly, and Max all retire to their treetop boat, and enjoy a meal of butted scones washed down with glasses of lemonade.

The End.

There was a third story written but the art was never started. It involved Marlypee and Baal going out for a picnic on Claire the Cow's boat. They end up somewhere called Zombie Island. Things go badly for them. There is a reason it is the last in the series...

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