Monday, 7 November 2011

Many Apologies...

To Bovril, to Doctor Who, to people who cringe when they see terrible lettering, to pretty much everyone really...

Dr WTF?! Coming next year to an internet near you!


  1. Lovely stuff, sir, and suitably mental. I fear for the collective sanity of all who witness this forthcoming endeavour, and indeed all who sail in her.

  2. Glad you approve! Bonus points to anyone who can elaborate on *why* the Doc is holding that pot of Bovril...

  3. Does it have anything to with the alleged existence of the German Vril Society, connected to the Thule Society and early Nazism, which takes its name from the novel 'The Coming Race', featuring Aryan supermen? Or am I barking up entirely the wrong branch of the Fortean tree?

  4. The very same novel that Bovril takes the 'Vril' part of it's name from, with a Victorian origin that seemed appropriate given this story's background!

    With this story and your previews of Spencer Nero, I suspected you would get it :D

    (On an unrelated note, the dialogue was an attempt to riff on the phrase "We're yummy, mummy!" from the ABC Warrior Soya Bean Cowboy story. Turns out not too many words rhyme with Fuhrer.)