Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Spinning Of Many Plates.

Tis my birthday on Monday, and as far as creativity goes I feel I have the next year all completely booked up.

As regular readers will know, most immediate on my schedule is Halo and the Gryphon, closely followed by Dr WTF?! These projects are still in the design/storyboard stage at the moment, with November seeing the beginning of The Great Gryphon Push. Unlike the war, this one will be finished by Christmas, with the good Doctor landing his Tardis in the editor's tray some time in the new year.

These pictures were attempts to create an alien species for the story, but I think I have gone in entirely the wrong direction. The thing in the bottom left corner is a Glitter-Shark, best if you don't ask.

Back to the drawing board tomorrow, I feel. Not to worry though, for these designs will be put to use in the next project: Age of Iron, or, Bigfoots and Dinosaurs. This is going to be a collection of non-sequential art I am creating to illustrate a role-play text. It should hopefully allow me to experiment with different styles and techniques, and I think my art will only benefit as a result.

That project needs to be completed by next summer, and may well prove to be quite time consuming. I'm hopefully still going to be working on a few comics at the same time; episode three of Halo and the Gryphon will inevitably drop into my inbox shortly after the release of Vanguard 2, and I've also been asked to draw one of next year's Mekkosapien episodes.

Finally, we have perhaps the most exciting news at all. In fact, it is so exciting I dare not speak of it yet, lest I jinx it all with my careless tongue. I'm just going to leave you with this little chappy, and I'll return to the matter when I have a little more to say.

Not that you will have to wait quite that long for a new update. I'll be back soon with news of where you will be able to find the last few pieces of work I've completed over this past year. Thanks for reading!

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