Sunday, 9 October 2011

Doing The Time Warp Again

What have I been up to over the past month? I've been drawing a comic strip for Hallowscream. The work is done now, and writer Lizzie Boyle has paid it some much appreciated compliments. I'll be shouting all about the comic come the end of the month, but for now why not head over here to find more about it? The editors are particularly asking for people to make some noise about their IndieGoGo project, so that's my signal boost.

Onwards now to the next project, like an ever advancing artistic blitzkrieg. The happy go lucky chappy above is the star of what may well turn out to be my best work yet. Greg Meldrum's 'The Reich Stuff' is certainly the funniest, most idea packed script to have ever crossed my email account, so hopefully my art will do it the justice it deserves. Er... by which I mean, I hope my art fully realises the script's potential, rather than bring it to trial for war crimes.

Yes, Doctor WTF?! is back, and about time too (that was a Radio Times joke, not a request for people to make their heads explode trying to get the comic out quicker). Once more we shall see all manner of completely-non-canon time-travelling hi-jinks. That word again is non-canon, so the design on that cap will be replaced by a big Blackblood style skull just to play things safe.

This is our time traveller's companion. I'm really not wanting to spoil any of the jokes here, so that's pretty much all you're getting for now. What I will say is that the script asked for a sound system and guitar that looked like it had been designed by Jack Kirby. Now, obviously I am aware of Kirby's work due to being alive, but as I have a pretty minimal interest in super hero comics, I wasn't sure how to approach this. Then my good friend Jenny found me this, so I'll be using that as a check-list as I build on these initial sketches. Thanks Jenny!

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