Saturday, 18 June 2011

Heralding The Mekkosapiens

So, with the Glumpies in the bag, it's onto the next project.

Have I mentioned Paragon before? If not, consider this rectified!

Due to Matt McLaughlin's continued and appreciated support of my work, I'm going to be in the Autumn issue! I'm drawing episode three of Rise of the Mekkosapiens. You can get the first episode in Paragon issue 7, and the next episode is previewed here. The other stuff in the comic is really cool too, so why not just buy all the available issues? A while back I promised the editor I would do a full review of the whole run, so I must get round to doing that at some point.

In the meantime though, here is some sketch work I've been doing for my episode. It has been quite interesting working on a character that has already been drawn by two other artists. At first I was thinking I would have to rigidly adhere to the previous design, but then I held them up next to each other and realised that there has been a fair amount of variation already. This has led to lots of fun as I've been finding my own view of the character.

Have I mentioned he has elbows? Full, honest, proper elbows, and only two knees? This might not sound like a big deal, but I suspect I'll be explaining this in my next post...

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