Monday, 6 June 2011

A Brief Catching Up.

The next few weeks should see some good stuff going up on this blog; but before we get too excited about Glumpies, Mekkos, and the encroaching Vanguard, lets see what's been going on over at the Weekly TAB!

It has been over a month since I pointed you towards this blog. The first image I've got is for the Dan Dare prompt that feels like it happened an age ago. My, doesn't time fly and all that Jazz. This is the Mekon, baring imposingly down on the viewer from atop his little hover disc thingy. That was the intention at least, but I have a feeling that he actually just seems to have an unfortunate piggy nose. Oh well.

I was on much more familiar ground with the next prompt, Doctor Who! I decided to go for that little remembered scene at the beginning of the Paul McGann movie where the Master gets put on trial and then exterminated by the Daleks. This makes sense when you read the comics that were given the task of hammering this plot into something usable. You see, it turns out that the Daleks wanted to smuggle a Half-Time-Lord-Half-Giant-Shape-Shifting-Slug-Monster into Gallifrey, and... oh, nobody cares do they?

Eventually the time had to come for me to pick the prompt for the week, and I chose Fighting on a bridge! As I had privately predicted, the Star Wars fans were right in there from the start, but they were quickly followed by some fine art that struck a chord with the Robert Howard fan in me. There was some Warhammer, some moon axes, some Spider-Man, some trolls, and even Daffy Duck. All good stuff, but don't just take my word for it, get over there and check it all out!

I did Deadlock fighting against the Sorcerer's Apprentice. I'd like to try colouring this at some point, we'll see if I get the time or not.

Last week saw the prompt Fairy-tales and Folklore. I drew a

The newest theme is Norts vs Southers. I feel Antarctica will need to be involved somehow.

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