Friday, 13 May 2011

Vanguard Unfettered!

For a while now I have been referring to a secret project I have helping Dirk Van Dom with. Well, the silence has now been well and truly broken. Van Dom has created a new blog for his creation, and the great push for publicity has begun!

Vanguard is an anthology comic which will contain stories of various flavours by Van Dom and various artists. That blog link will take you to all the elaboration you need; make sure you scroll down to check out the sample pages!

I've managed to miss this weeks TAB deadline because I've been concentrating on finishing off my strip, Halo and the Gryphon. It was a worthy sacrifice, and I hope to get back on the TAB wagon next week.

As I don't like to finish a post without having a picture in it somewhere, here are some design sketches for some characters who will hopefully turn up in later issues of Vanguard. 

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