Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Xtrominators is the name of that top-secret-doom-project I'm constantly alluding to. You may notice that opening sentence has lifted the long benighting shroud of secrecy. This is all down to writer Matt McLaughlin having posted this picture on facebook, revealing the two main characters wonderfully rendered by Tony Rothwell.

Hopefully you can see those pictures. I'm not sure if you need to have a facebook account yourself or not. If you can see them, check out these pages too. I hadn't seen them before, and it was cool to see people say nice things about my art!

Whether you can see those pages or not, take a peek at some of these sketches I drew over Christmas. Matt claims that a few of us working on the project ended up drawing Jezzail in the same way. This leads me to think that I was not the only one who read the character description and thought "Wow, this character has two pairs of testicles for a head!"

Keep an eye out for more news on this project in the future!

In other happenings, I noticed yesterday that it has been just over a year since I started using this blog. It has been quite a year, and the future looks to be even more exciting. Thanks to all who have offered kind words and encouragement, or even simply tuned in to read what I'm up to!


  1. Yeah, everyone had Jezzail pretty close - what I liked best about your guy are those little organic "vents" on his head. Gives the idea that he's somewhat cyber-organic.

  2. Mmmmmmm my kind of aliens!!But am I wrong or is it not just a pair of testacles Jezzail has "up top". Gives a whole new meaning to the term "dickhead"! :)Nice work on these! Looking forward to it.