Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Plenty Of Progress On Projects Of Portent

News has been spreading of the Doom-Prophesying Project with which I am involved. Yet as this project spreads death through its mere uttering, I cannot speak freely of that right now.

Let us instead talk of Van Dom's increasingly less secret project, work of which is continuing with one hand even as I type this with the other. I am bound by oath not to reveal any completed art work, through fear of drawing down the eyes of inauspicious fates. However, sketches seem not to have done us too much ill so far, so maybe I am safe posting these rough scribblings. Van Dom may think otherwise, so quick, take a look, before he unleashes one of his dreaded Dom-bots to snuff out my sorry existence.

Even closer to full fruition comes Dr WTF?! . Like many contributors to this fine project, I have a completed computerised copy of this on my laptop, and have been dipping into the brilliant stories with the result of much amusement. Owen plans to make this comic come to life by actually putting paper into your very hands. Yes, that hand that is currently resting on you mouse, and that other one that is doing... something else, I don't know.

Are you not convinced you want an anthology dedicated to a series of unconnected, anti-canon Doctor Who stories? Well then, short of having science declare you officially-not-human, all I can do is regurgitate the collective promotional picture that has been doing the rounds:

Yeah, you like that, don't you.

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