Thursday, 28 April 2011

And I'm Back...

I disappeared a week ago to go camping. While I've been back since Tuesday, it's been that sort of "back" that is mostly taken up with unpacking, catching up with laundry, trimming the hedge that grows stupidly fast during hot weather, and other such minor obstacles to returning to the drawing board. I even managed to miss the TAB prompt last week, that's how distracted I have been!

So now I'm getting back on track, I have remedied this situation the only way I know how; by cheating! Mangling this week's theme together with the last has produced this:

Those who I am currently doing work for, fear not! normal service will now be resumed. In the meantime, have a doodle I have done recently. The cross between a maggot and a foreskin is the important one, I have no idea what the bottom ones are meant to be.

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