Friday, 4 February 2011

The Secret Project Progresses!

More character design sketches.
Remember how a while back, I mentioned there was a secret project I was working on? The slightly secret project, as opposed to the incredibly secret project that might destroy the world? Well, word of the project is starting to slip out, as Van Dom has begun to reveal his evil plan.

As you can see from that link, the project is called Vandemonium, and aside from that I can say very little. I can reveal than I am finally getting beyond the character design stages, and have begun finishing some actual pages! I will also say that I really like that second picture by David Blankley. It is the sort of picture that makes you think "Wow, I'd better make my stuff even better than I was hoping I would, just so it holds up to being published next to high quality stuff like that!"

Van Dom also mentions that Dr WTF?! has its own facebook page, and this is a development that I also have a vested interest in promoting.

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