Monday, 17 January 2011

Post 22

At the time of writing, this is what the post count on my dashboard currently looks like:

I'm just mentioning this, so that anyone reading my last post doesn't think I've gone mad. Because nothing says sanity like being obsessed with one particular number, obviously.

Talking of the number 23, it's time to see what has been happening with the Doctor WTF?! project.

The other night, Owen sent out a call to all artists involved to create a promotional image for their strip. I jotted down a few ideas, waited until the morning so that the noise of the scanner would not wake my wonderful lady friend, then sent off all four doodles to suffer the wrath of Owen's judgement.

Why did I draw four images, you ask? Well, I expected most of them to receive appraisals such as "Louis, these ones are rubbish," and "Louis, these ones have nothing to do with your story," and "Louis, seriously, what have I told you about copyright infringement?!?!"

What was his actual answer?

"Louis, these are awesome, can you do all four?"

Those quote marks are misleading, these were not his exact words. I'm summarising for effect here. The thing to get out of this is that I am now drawing up four promo images for the comic. My initial hesitation over this extra workload was quickly replaced by the realisation that four new images will result in four new blog posts. That's the next month or so sorted then!

So, here is the first of the set:

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