Thursday, 13 January 2011

23! Post 23!

This is my twenty third post! As you may already be aware, I am a bit of a fan of the Illuminatus! trilogy, so this is a special post for me. As such, I wanted to write about something a bit good. Fortunately I have an exciting few months ahead of me, so at the risk of sounding self-centred, I might as well talk about that.

I am currently linked to a few comic projects! The one that I can talk about most is Mekkos, which Matthew Mclaughlin is getting published in Paragon, a rather fine comic put together by one Davey Candlish. This is going to be an ongoing serial, and I have been pencilled in for episode three!

When Matt told me about this, he mentioned the story would include G127. The text of the email was practically waggling its eyebrows at me, but I could not think where I had heard that name before. I even did a google search, in case it was a film reference or something similar. Then finally it clicked. G127 was from Lugal! (You will remember Lugal from that time a few weeks back when you looked to the list at the right and downloaded issue 8 of Temple APA).

This is one of my sketches from when I was drawing Lugal, little realising the future (or past, I guess) that this robot would have. My wonderful lady friend described him as 'hot', and she knows her sexy robots.


The next project is a little more secret. It is a strip written by one Dirk Van Dom, who I have in the past mistakenly referred as Von Doom, due to having a bizarre blind spot when it comes to reading names. Apologies Dirk, I do that a lot!

Can't talk much about it, so just look at some of the pictures I have been drawing.


The third project is sooooo secret, I dare not speak its name lest I put the whole world in danger! More on that later, I hope!

So, to take the number of projects I have talked about up to a nice round three, I will finally add that Owen Watts has started setting deadlines for all the Dr WTF?! stuff, so there is even more excitement coming soon!

That's three 'so's in the past two paragraphs. You can make a twenty three out of that.

Not even out of January yet, and already 2011 is shaping up pretty well!

EDIT: Haha! Having just looked at the archive list to the side, it would seem this is only post 21, whereas my Dashboard was telling me otherwise. Seems there are some duplicate posts in the dashboard list, for reasons I cannot fathom. That I have mistaken post 21 for post 23 is in itself fantastic, but to explain why would require too much of your time. Trust me, you are better off not knowing.  


  1. Ooh that wraithy thing in Von Doom's (ha) project looks a bit like Shadow Demon from the old D&D cartoon - cool stuff!

    Hey, that secret secret project won't end the world...or maybe it will...even my own mum has no idea what's going on with it - even my wife doesn't know what's going on with it!!! Only I know and, mwuh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

  2. Your mum and wife were involved with creating... the stuff in that project? That's... unfortunate. I hope they get better soon.

  3. Oh you speak in riddles you tantalising tricksters!!! All these secret projects, arent they great.

    Louis I'm liking the third piece of the trio you posted there, I hadnt seen that yet but that is mundo perfecto! Love it!

    Victor. :)