Sunday, 23 January 2011

23, 1000 hits, And The Whole World Goes Topsy Turvy


According to how counting actually works, this is my 23rd post! So how better to celebrate than by featuring the specially spruced up colour version of Doctor 23? There is no better way, is the answer you are looking for. 

The colouring was done by Owen, who has begun lining up his promotional images here. I mention above that the world has gone topsy turvy. The first example of this is that Owen has thrown aside his previous orders, as is the right of every good editor, and decided that I only really need to do one promo picture. So, no longer needing the element of surprise, here is the sketch of the four different images that I had assumed Owen would pick one of:

Owen liked the idea of doing each of these with their commentary, so the 'Boring "Doctor-Pokes-Head-Out-Of-TARDIS" Promo Image' would have been labelled as such. The title to the fourth image was going to be 'The Nonsensical "A-Time-Lord-is-the-sum-of-his-parts-and-some-of-those-parts-are-CONAN!" Promo Image'. I would have enjoyed that, but ultimately I think the best image won its way to being completed.

Owen has even gone as far as to promise an imminent Dr WTF?! website, so there is much excitement on the horizon.

Which tenuous nauticality brings us to the second way that the world has gone topsy turvy, for I have written a script! 

Over on the 2000ad forum, Christov recently proposed that the world needs more pulp comics, and set out to make one himself. He expressed particular interest in getting some swashbuckling adventure in there, and while at work the other day I pondered how I would approach such a thing. By the next morning, a script had been written and sent, and before lunch it had been accepted. Huzzar, exciting times!

Particular thanks must here go to my friend Jo Clegg, whose recent historical and geographical observations inspired the story. Thanks Jo!

I don't want to say much about this story, lest I spoil any surprises. What I will say is that it involves pirates. As I am not going to be drawing this one, I don't even have any doodles to show off, but here is a suitably themed picture pulled from the archive:

This is an old picture of a character called Henry Shanks, who features is a series of stories I have been writing for the past several years. One day I hope to get them published, but I fear that day is still far off yet. 

This picture has recently returned to me, as an old house-mate found a load of my stuff on his computer. I suspect I will enjoy going through the files, and will post anything of interest that I find up here.

In other news, since my last post, this blog has reached the point of having had 1000 hits. I realise that this is a microscopic fish in a multidimensional ocean, but it means a lot to me. A blog a created entirely to talk to my brother with has  started taking me in all sorts of interesting places, and I hope this will continue. Thanks to all the people from all around the world who have dropped by. Why yes, I am obsessed with the stats page, why do you ask? 

And finally, just to reassure Van Dom that I haven't forsaken him, here are some of the more presentable sketches I have been doing for his secret project.


  1. Cool stuff Louis! Especially that last bit... ;)

  2. I have recently been sketching landscapes. Hope to have a first page done before the end of Sunday.